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Advantages CETIM test results

CETIM test results

We have commissioned the CETIM (Technical Research Center for the Mechanical Industries) to compare the machinability of permanent mold castings with that of standard lamellar grey iron castings with equivalent mechanical properties, and quantify the savings obtained.

This study showed important gains in the two fields of machining speeds and life time of the cutting tools.
Significant examples are :
drilling with carbide tool => 43% tool life improvement
drilling with high speed steel tool => 59% tool life improvement
boring with carbide tool => 70% tool life improvement
carriage with carbide tool => 40% improvement of machining speed, AND 21% tool life improvement

Along with these savings comes an excellent surface due to the fine lamellar graphite flakes.
This gives a 23% gain for a surface dressing, and up to 50% for boring, which can eliminate the need for reaming thus increasing productivity.

These results are all confirmed by our customers who are regular users of permanent mold parts.

They are all obtained on standard machining equipment, with no need for specific investment, other than the foundry die, which is very much lower than a sand casting tooling.

Advantages CETIM test results
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