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Advantages CETIM test results

Technical Advantages

Machinability, leak tightness, dimensional stability


Permanent mold castings offer several advantages compared to a standard grey iron sand casting. The specific properties of die cast grey iron are directly linked to its metallurgical structure and its method of production.

The fine structure gives it mechanical properties equivalent to ENG-JL 200 grade but with a 100% ferritic structure.

But its more remarkable properties are :
 • a much improved machinability, due to its 100% ferritic structure and extremely fine graphite flakes, which diminish the cutting stress. The size of the flakes also influences the quality of the surface finish obtained after machining. These advantages have been documented in a study made by the CETIM on all types of machining (dressing, carriage, boring, drilling…) .The excellent surface finish often allows the elimination of reaming which is an obligation for other types of iron. The savings in machining speed and tool life as well as the reduction in time spent changing tools lead to high productivity gains.
 • improved leak tightness : the hyper-eutectic structure leads to a graphite expansion during solidification, which due to the rigidity of the die can only take place outwards. This in turn leads to an increased compacity of the iron. The fineness of the graphite flakes decreases the cracking effect and thus improves resistance to pressure and to fatigue.
 • dimensional stability : this is due to the heat treatment which relieves any remaining stresses which could be caused by cooling. Also the metal die vastly increases the reproducibility over standard sand castings.
Advantages CETIM test results
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