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Our customers, our products

The properties and quality of the permanent mold castings allow us to deliver complex parts which are submitted to severe mechanical or hydraulic stresses, such as safety parts (car engine brackets, brake parts), leaktight parts (home appliances, valves) or very precise dimensional parts (crankshafts).

Complex parts, subject to high pressures

Therefore our production includes for example : brake master cylinders and wheel cylinders, ccompensators, gas and fuel pumps casings, home appliance compressor crankshafts, plates and gears, pulleys, hydraulic distributor housings, hydraulic motor housings, and many other parts, simple and complex, with or without sand cores.

We also act as a subcontractor (in particular in the automotive field) and supply rough parts, zinc coated parts, and partly or fully machined parts.

Our organization, and our certification (QS 9000, and ISO 9920, and now ISO/TS 16949), enable us to supply well-known international customers such as Bosch, YTW, Danfoss, Delphi, Whirpool, who in turn supply their own final including customers Renaut, Peugeot, Daimler-Chrysler, Opel-GM, Citroen, Nissan and other automakers.(We naturally fully apply the necessary and efficient rules of AMDEC, PPAP, control plans, SPC and others).

We deliver in France and export 80% of our production to the USA, to other European countries (Italy, Spain, Germany, the UK, Denmark, Portugal, Poland , the Czech and Slovak republics, Slovenia, Turkey, White Russia), and others, such as Iran, Switzerland, Belgium...
We are competitive against Indian and Chinese sources thanks to our process, which also allows low cost of tools, for which the customer only pays the initial die, all replacements being on us.

We can offer to all our customers our engineering assistance to design or change parts.

Low cost of toolings

Presentation Organisation Our customers, our products Good Citizen
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