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Presentation Organisation Our customers, our products Good Citizen

Our customers are the focus of our company. Therefore NDC Foundry is organized around our customers’ needs.

Existing and new customers :
The sales team is located at the plant, the result is more reactivity and efficiency in the commercial relationship.
Sales handle inquiries and quotes; they are also, and mostly a technical proposal taskforce; they also help find economical solutions, leading to productivity, whose gains will be shared.

Order intake :
Sales administration receives the orders and organizes, with the planning and expediting depts, production and deliveries, to fully meet required quantities and schedules.

Delivery  :
The finishing and expediting department organizes the final operations, packing and shipping , in full compliance with the customer’s requirements in terms of quantities and schedules.

Quality  :
The quality department (metrology, quality control, lab) as well as all the production departments (melting, finishing) guarantee quality during all steps of the process.
Our ISO/TS 16949 organization is exemplary.
We have been supplying the automotive sector for 30 years.



Presentation Organisation Our customers, our products Good Citizen
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